Employee Selects
When medical care is required, the injured employee may designate a licensed physician to provide all medical and related benefits. (Alaska Statute § 23.30.095)

Change of Provider
The employee may not make more than one change in the employee's choice of attending physician without the written consent of the employer. Referral to a specialist by the employee's attending physician is not considered a change in physicians. Upon procuring the services of a physician, the injured employee shall give proper notification of the selection to the employer within a reasonable time after first being treated. Notice of a change in the attending physician shall be given before the change. (Alaska Statute § 23.30.095)


Panel Provisions
An employer or group of employers may establish a list of preferred physicians and treatment service providers to provide medical, surgical, and other attendance or treatment services to the employer's employees under this chapter; however

(1) the employee's right to chose his or her attending physician is not impaired;

(2) when given to the employee, the employer's preferred physician list must clearly state that the list is voluntary, that the employee's choice is not restricted to the list, that the employee's rights are not impaired by choosing an attending physician from the list, and that, if the employee chooses an attending physician from the list, the employee may, make one change of attending physician, from the list or otherwise; and

(3) establishment of a list of preferred physicians does not affect the employer's choice of physician for an employer medical examination. (Alaska Stat § 23.30.097(b))

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