Employer or Carrier Selects
The employer's authorized treating physician (other than emergency medical services) shall be the physician of record for attending or referral purposes. (Ala. Admin. Code r. 480-5-5-.12)

Except in the case of an emergency, claimant should be sent to the employer/carrier's chosen primary care provider who will treat and recommend referral to a specialist, when necessary. The employer/ carrier directs the care from the moment the injury notice has been given, not after treatment has been ongoing. (AL Department of Industrial Relations website: )

Change of Provider
If the employee is dissatisfied with the initial treating physician selected by the employer and if further treatment is required, the employee may advise the employer, and the employee shall be entitled to select a second physician from a panel or list of 4 physicians selected by the employer. If surgery is required, and if the employee is dissatisfied with the designated surgeon, he or she may advise the employer and the employee shall be entitled to select a second surgeon from a panel of 4 surgeons selected by the employer. If 4 physicians or surgeons are not available to be listed, the employer shall include on the list as many as are available. The 4 physicians or surgeons selected by the employer shall not be from or members of the same firm, partnership, or professional corporation. (Code of Ala. §25-5-77)

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Panel Provisions
See Direction of Care law.

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