Employee Selects
The employee shall have the right to choose an attending physician to provide medical care. (D.C. Code § 32-1507)

Change of Provider
Once a medical care provider is selected, an injured employee shall not change to another provider or hospital without authorization of the insurer or the Private Sector Branch of the Office of Workers' Compensation in the Labor Standards Division of the Department of Employment Services, except in an emergency (CDCR 7-212.12)

Not Addressed

Panel Provisions
See Direction of Care law.

Employee Selects from Panel
Pursuant to section 2303(a) of the Act, the District government shall furnish to a claimant who is injured while in the performance of duty the services, appliances, and supplies prescribed or recommended by a qualified treating physician, which the Program considers likely to cure, give relief, reduce the degree or injury length, or aid in lessening the amount of the monthly compensation. (CDCR 7-122.1)

In order for the Program to pay for the services provided by a treating physician, the physician must be a member of a panel of treating physicians. The panel shall be selected by the Program. (CDCR 7-123.2)

Program means the Public Sector Work Comp Program of the Office of Risk Management or its designee, including the third party administrator. (CDCR - 7-199)

Change of Provider
Once a panel treating physician is selected to provide treatment under the Act, an injured claimant shall not change to another physician or hospital without authorization of the Program, except in an emergency. (CDCR 7-123.4)

If the claimant is not satisfied with the medical care provided by a panel physician, claimant shall complete and return Form M3, with justification to the Program. The Program shall permit a change where the Program finds the change to be in the best interest of the claimant. (CDCR 7-123.5)

Not allowed

Panel Provisions
Per previous discussions with the D.C. Office of Risk Management which regulates the Public Sector Work Comp Program, once the claim has been set up, the Program's designated third party administrator will provide the injured worker with a panel of District approved physicians. The injured worker must select a physician from this panel and receive all further care from this physician unless authorized by the Division.

Only the District or designated third party administrator can administer panels.

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