Employee Selects
The employee may make the initial selection of the employee's medical practitioner or surgeon from among all licensed medical practitioners or surgeons in the state. (S.D. Codified Laws § 62-4-43)

The department of labor may deny certification or may revoke or suspend the certification of a case management plan that unfairly restricts access within the CMP to any medical provider. A plan unfairly restricts access when access is denied to a medical provider and the treatment or service sought is within the scope of practice of the profession and is proper under the treatment standards adopted by the plan and approved by the department. The plan must give employees convenient access to all categories of providers and flexibility to choose medical providers from among those who provide services under the plan. (ARSD 47:03:04:07)

Change of Provider
If the employee desires to change the employee's choice of medical practitioner or surgeon, the employee shall obtain approval in writing from the employer. (S.D. Codified Laws § 62-4-43)

Not addressed

Panel Provisions
See Direction of Care law.

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