Employee Selects from Network
A preferred provider program may be developed if the preferred provider program allows a selection by the employee of more than one physician in the health care specialty required for treating the specific problem of an industrial patient. If a preferred provider program is developed by an insurance carrier or self-insured employer, an employee is required to use: preferred provider physicians; and preferred health care facilities. If a preferred provider program is not developed, an employee may have free choice of health care providers. (Utah Code Ann. § 34A-2-111)

Change of Provider
An injured worker may change health care providers one time without obtaining permission from the payor. The following circumstances do not constitute a change of health care provider: a treating physician's referral of the injured worker to another health care provider for treatment or consultation; transfer of treatment from an emergency room to a private physician, unless the emergency room was designated as the payor's preferred provider; necessary emergency treatment; a change of physician necessitated by the treating physician's failure or refusal to rate a permanent partial impairment. The injured employee shall promptly report any change of provider to the payor. (U.R.C. R612-300-2)

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Panel Provisions
See Direction of Care law.

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