State-Specific Rules for Selecting Medical Providers:
If employer is in a preferred provider network, employee must select an initial treating physician from within the network. Employee may seek treatment outside the preferred provider network 30 days after initial treatment began. Insurance carrier (or self-insured employer) may establish a network for diagnostic tests. If no preferred provider network, then employee has right to choose physician. NY Workers Comp. Law Sec. 13-a. NY Admin. Code § 325-8.1. Section 13-a(6)  Any  interference  by any person with the selection by an injured employee of an authorized  physician  to  treat  him,  except  when  the selection  is  made  pursuant  to article ten-A of this chapter, and the improper influencing or attempt by any person  improperly  to  influence the  medical  opinion  of  any  physician who has treated or examined an injured employee, shall be a misdemeanor.

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