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Welcome to The Hartford's online provider search tool. The variety of search options allows you to quickly identify the medical provider type you are looking for, locate a medical provider within a specified distance of any address and print a provider listing or medical posting, as needed.

You may begin your search by selecting one of the tabs in the tool bar above or you can also contact any of the Ancillary Services Providers listed below directly.

Please note, some states may have other arrangements or restrictions, see the State Rules tab above for more information about your particular state. You may also contact your claim handler with any questions.

The below listed Ancillary Service Providers can be contacted directly via phone or e-mail options.

Ancillary Benefits Management Services
Included Services:
(DME, Home Healthcare, Physical Medicine, Transportation & Translation)
Phone: (844) 451-9665
E-Mail: ABM-CSD@healthesystems.com
Diagnostic Services
Phone: (888) 291-4133
Fax number: (347) 696-4259
E-Mail: teamhartford@spreemo.com

Express Scripts
Phone: (888) 289-1407

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